ProRail awards maintenance locations in the central and southern provinces of the country to Strukton Worksphere and Unica.

ProRail has outsourced the technical maintenance of its locations in the central and southern provinces of the Netherlands and of its monumental head offices in Utrecht to a partnership between Strukton Worksphere and Unica. Under the name ProCUS, Strukton and Unica, together with Facilicom, maintain 19 ProRail buildings, areas and installations. Unica and Strukton Worksphere will do this as a combination for the coming 8 years.

Strukton en Unica
left to right: Roeland van Roij & Bob Mols (HEYDAY), Ap van de Voort (ProRail), Ivo Olde Meule (Unica), Kees van Oosteren ( Worksphere)

The contract with ProRail runs until 2026. The management and maintenance apply to all building-based installations, architectural elements and the sites for the monumental office buildings and numerous traffic control posts in the central and southern provinces. This involves complex, high-quality and business-critical installations whose permanent availability is crucial for the continuity of the services that ProRail offers.

Unica and Strukton Worksphere will jointly perform maintenance relating to the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and architecture, at preventive, corrective and planning levels. For the first year, an upgrade is planned to bring all the installations to the desired level. Besides the combination of Strukton Worksphere and Unica, Facilicom will provide the technical management of the ProRail locations in the northern Netherlands (7 buildings). ProRail has also called on HEYDAY Facility Management to supervise the implementation of the management at tactical and operational level.

‘I have great faith in this construction, which is unique for Facility Affairs at ProRail. The implementation by ProCUS and Facilicom, the management by HEYDAY and the final supervisory role by ProRail’s Facility Affairs provides a combination of knowledge and expertise and is a good basis for this unique construction in the coming eight years,’ says Ap van der Voort, manager Facility Affairs at ProRail.

Strukton Worksphere and Unica combine their expertise in this project. Both organisations have already performed maintenance work separately for ProRail locations. Based on the specially created combination ProCUS, both companies can offer ProRail optimal services, in which flexibility and continuity are key.

‘The complexity of the installations and the nature of the monumental office buildings are an excellent fit with Unica. We look forward to continuing the long partnership with ProRail, together with Strukton Worksphere, and from this combination to offer even more added value,’ says office manager Ivo Olde Meule on behalf of Unica.

Kees van Oosteren, director region North-West/Central at Strukton Worksphere, adds:
‘ProRail faces the challenge of making all its buildings more sustainable in the coming years, whilst guaranteeing the continuation of the critical processes of Traffic Control. We have a great deal of know-how relating to sustainability, we know the buildings and the users. Together with Unica, we're going to add a great deal of value and comfort to these buildings.’

The Inktpot, the biggest concrete building in the Netherlands, where the roots of Strukton lie, also belongs to the maintenance contract.

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