SolaRoad, the road which converts sunlight into electricity, is now also being applied on a business site in the municipality of Haaksbergen. The SolaRoad Kit was laid on 29 May and powers the public lighting on the site and an LED screen, making this energy-neutral. The municipality of Haaksbergen also plans to make the new Stepelerveld business site 'the greenest business park in the Netherlands'. For the infrastructure of the business park, only sustainable solutions will be applied. Sustainability councillor Ellen Prent: "Our sustainability ambition for the Stepelerveld is clear. The greenest business park in the country must also have the greenest solution in road construction. For that reason, in Haaksbergen we've chosen SolaRoad."

About SolaRoad
SolaRoad is a pioneering innovation in the field of energy generation. A unique concept that converts sunlight on the road surface into electricity, thus generating truly sustainable power. A 90-metre test section of SolaRoad was laid in Krommenie in 2014, and various subsequent projects are under development. The SolaRoad Kit is based on SolaRoad in Krommenie and consists of four elements of around 2.5 x 3.5 metres. The Kit generates around 3,500 kWh a year, which is enough power for an average household for 1 year. SolaRoad Kit is a 10-metre power-generating road surface which can be applied in many places, for example business parks, a yard, square, cycle path or footpath.

Contribute to sustainable future
The SolaRoad Kit is suitable for any organisation which wants to contribute to CO2 reduction, climate targets and wants to help create a sustainable future. The Kit also contributes to Smart City and Smart Charging goals. The SolaRoad Kit was previously used in combination with a bench in the province of Groningen, where the bench serves as a charging point for electric bikes or mobile phones. In France, a cycle path and a roundabout are lit by means of the SolaRoad Kit.

SolaRoad is one of the sustainable applications in the development of Stepelerveld business park in Haaksbergen. The development of the business park is an initiative of the municipality of Haaksbergen. The work on the business park is being carried out by Reef Infra (part of Strukton Civiel).

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