A few years ago, discussions were started about developing The Green House and now it's opening its doors.

The Green House houses a restaurant with its own urban farm and a conference centre. The Green House accelerates the transition from a traditional real estate development to an innovative circular sustainable real estate development. A development which earns back its investment and pushes the boundaries in terms of sustainability.

Strukton, Ballast Nedam and Albron formulated the ambition to build a circular hospitality pavilion, including a feasible circular business case. Together they have entered into a partnership of at least 15 years to build and run The Green House. Strukton and Ballast Nedam as developer, building owner, energy supplier and maintenance party and Albron as hospitality concept developer and operator.

Their joint vision about circularity and the shared core values: focus on cooperation, inspiring, efficient and future-proof. These are incorporated in the partnership agreement. In this, the shared interests ensure natural cooperation. This created scope for pioneering.

Circular breeding ground
From the start, an integral approach was taken to how circularity can best be applied in all phases. This meant that numerous innovations could be put into practice. With the motto ‘right to copy’, the approach used is actively shared with visitors and the sector. This makes it the most important circular breeding ground of Utrecht and surroundings.

To achieve an optimally feasible and upscalable circular business case, circular business models were used wherever possible. Over the coming 15 years, we will continue to seek even more sustainable operations, preparations and ingredients. So the search doesn't stop once The Green House opens its doors, but continues during operations. As a 'living lab', whose successes can also be applied in other environments.

The partnerships generate new business models. These are based on feasibility, so that they can be implemented (every day) and then achieve a good return. This makes it possible to upscale them both operationally and financially. The Green House concept can also be used again for future projects involving the partners. This might be as a complete turnkey hospitality concept and in the individual concepts which make up The Green House.

The Green House has a solid funding construction. The investment in the shell is limited by a clever design which significantly reduces the use of materials as well as through the partnership with suppliers who continue to own those materials. Furthermore, The Green House can be reassembled. After 15 years, it will be moved and the residual value is guaranteed. Furthermore, the period in which the return on investment on the operation is achieved is dramatically reduced by the many pay-per-use partnerships. Normally, a term of around 5 years applies. Now the return on investment will be achieved after 2 to 3 years.

Hospitality concept

Food & drink connects people. During this connection, business or informal, people are open to information and inspiration. The Green House facilitates that goal, so that the parts of the circular philosophy are activated. The Green House is a place where people meet each other and where circularity is always present without being constantly highlighted. Five principles are key in this:

  • Everything tells a story because it has a past or a future;
  • 100% creativity and fun. We don't compromise on comfort, taste or ambiance;
  • The principles of Dutch Cuisine form our inspiration;
  • Transparency: we show all and hide nothing;
  • At least 20% of the workforce are employees with fewer prospects on the job market.

Food, drink and hospitality are key to bringing visitors into contact with each other, removing barriers and promoting 'sharing'. The Green House wants to make circularity mainstream. Not a niche or alternative feel, nor overdone luxury. Accessibility is our priority. The Green House must be a place where people interested in circularity can meet and enjoy something to eat and drink.

The Green House is based on a cepezed design.


The doors are open. Discover all the stories behind The Green House, come and taste it.

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