Strukton Worksphere is the development partner in The Dutch Mountains, a new living and working environment at the Run in Veldhoven, right next to the A2.

The Dutch Mountains contains offices and work areas, conference facilities, hospitality outlets, a hotel, short-stay facilities for knowledge workers and a park. You can work, stay and meet there in an environment that is as innovative and high-tech as it is healthy and green.

Declaration of intention
Over the past eighteen months, an innovative partnership of technology companies, service providers, architects and developers have developed the concept for the living and work landscape The Dutch Mountains. In this period, the feasibility of that concept was also explored. The results of this phase have been positive. For that reason, on 16 March the initiators of the project joined mayor Letty Demmers and councillor Ad van den Oever from the municipality of Veldhoven in signing a declaration of intention with which the first steps towards the project implementation were taken. The municipality has reserved the planned location, De Run 1000 in Veldhoven, for the project. The Dutch Mountains will open at the end of 2020, beginning of 2021.

The Dutch Mountains
The Dutch Mountains is a living and working landscape that will enhance the region of Eindhoven in 2020. Besides a big park and public amenities, this complex will also include short-stay facilities, a conference centre and business accommodation. Many different high-tech innovations will also be applied, making it the symbol for what is being called the world's smartest region. These technologies make the building a very advanced complex that sets a new standard for sustainable development. The building is optimally self-sufficient, with closed recycling in the fields of energy, water, waste and materials. There is even the ambition to construct the complex of solid wood, due to the positive effect on CO2 deposition. This will make it the biggest wooden building in the world.

An ultra-circular building. The prime interactive working and living environment of the future, a multifunctional complex with a mission. 

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