How is the proof of concept proceeding with the link between Strukton PULSE and the Ahrend Comfort Workstation?

In July of this year, Strukton Worksphere and Ahrend signed a contract to link two independent innovations, i.e. Strukton PULSE and the Ahrend Comfort Workstation. It is expected that this link will improve comfort at both the workstation and in the working environment as well as reduce energy consumption. How is the proof of concept going?

Pilot started
The link between the innovations has been made, marking the official start to the digital measurement of the workstation and working environment. For example, sensors are used to measure the impact of a Comfort Workstation's climate settings on the general climate and on energy consumption. The use of the workstations and the energy consumption are visible in Strukton PULSE.

In addition, daily surveys are taken among users. These surveys provide insight into which climate conditions are experienced as comfortable at the workstations. This data is then compared with data from other pilots. All this data provides insight into the actual effects of the Comfort Workstation and makes it possible to validate the added value.

Data provides insight
Insight into the actual effects of the Comfort Workstation in the building helps reveal expectations with respect to comfort improvement and energy savings. Based on all the collected data from the proof of concept, it is possible to make an energy calculation for the whole building. The proof of concept runs until the end of 2017.

Link Comfort Workstation and Strukton PULSE
The aim of the joint innovation is to improve the comfort experience and reduce energy consumption. In the longer term, the aim is an easier installation concept and savings on replacement and other maintenance.

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