Trafikverket has engaged Strukton Rail to handle maintenance of the rail systems between Nässjö and Arlöv and between Älmhult and Olofström.

The new contract starts on 1 October 2018 and will have a term of five years, with the option to extend for another two years.

The Olofström Line is important for industry and transport to and from the Volvo factory in Olofström. The other stretch of track is called the Southern Main Line and is one of the busiest lines in Sweden. It is used by an average of 400 trains per day, many of them passenger trains carrying commuters between cities in the Mälardalen and Öresund regions. This dense traffic means that the tracks and other railway infrastructure are under substantial stress and need a lot of attention. Keeping the Southern Main Line working is also important for other railways – in the worst case, a hold-up here can cause delays to passengers and freight all over the country. But when the trains are running, other public functions can also operate.

“Strukton Rail’s work is important because railway maintenance helps keep the trains running on time. We are already looking after parts of the Southern Main Line and we are happy that our work for Trafikverket will now be covering the whole route.” Thomas Svenssion, manager at Strukton Rail

The maintenance contract covers 630 kilometres of track and associated equipment, electrical and signalling systems. Among other things, Strukton Rail will be responsible for inspecting the railway equipment, replacing components when they wear out, remedying any faults that arise and preparing the line before snow and ice set in during the winter.

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