The N737 Deurningen - Enschede is the first provincial road in Europe with a geopolymer roundabout in which all the cement has been replaced. This is therefore a European first for the province of Overijssel, Reef Infra, Rokramix and Sqape.

The project involved a RAMAC geopolymer roundabout in which the SQAPE technology was applied - 100% replacement of cement - in the N737 level with the Oude Vliegveldweg exit. The project was awarded to Reef Infra because it had the highest MEAT scores in innovation and sustainability.

The province of Overijssel, Reef Infra and Rokramix joined forces to study whether a sustainable roundabout was feasible. At first glance, this roundabout looks very much like any other roundabout. However, the procedure, the processing and the product are extremely innovative and never previously shown in Europe. This material was also applied with existing resources and required precision and accuracy from our skilled personnel. They also apply this product in a traditional way.

The production of cement produces relatively high C02 emissions. By not choosing cement, we not only have a sustainable solution, it is also the first time in Europe that a roundabout has been constructed in this way based on geopolymers. With this application, we consciously chose a sustainable solution. Less crack formation, a high degree of acid resistance and good attachment of the reinforcement rods are additional advantages. This project also gives the developer of this application greater insight into sustainable applications of concrete in concrete road surfaces, constructive concrete construction (housing, tunnels, etc), prefab parts and new application areas. This pilot project will be monitored.

Several weeks ago, a test section was laid. Based on this section, tests were performed to study the technical feasibility and processability. Approval was subsequently given to use the application on the roundabout in the N737. Construction started on 13 October and will continue until the end of 2017. The roundabout will be opened at the beginning of December and connected to the N737. Road users will not experience any inconvenience because the roundabout will be built alongside the current route.

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