A2 Maastricht is the winner of the Schreuders Prize 2017, the prestigious professional award for innovative underground building projects. A2 Maastricht wins the prize with the Green Carpet (Groene Loper) plan. The jury praises the innovative underground double layer solution and the above-ground options that this offers for improving Maastricht-East.

The Green Carpet plan
The Green Carpet plan ensures good accessibility of the city and Euregion, improved traffic flow on the A2 at Geusselt intersection and Europaplein junction, and new opportunities for the development of neighbouring districts now that 80% of the traffic is underground.

"The contours of the Green Carpet are becoming increasingly clear. Thanks to smart technical solutions, a new piece of the city is being created with a wonderful living climate. The fact that this approach is also receiving praise from the industry is even nicer for the customer, builder and the city"

From stakeholders to shareholders
"A project is as good as the quality of the partnership. During the planning, we were able to work with a visionary top from Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) who were pioneering and prepared to risk taking a different project approach. And the local politicians were loyal to their own quality goals and ensured a stable political situation. Residents and road users were critical about the expected inconvenience but were ultimately proud of the technological results in the city. Stakeholders thus became shareholders"

Fierce competition
The quality of the entries was high this year. Kustwerk Katwijk [Coastal Works], Onderdoorgangen Zutphen [Underpasses] and Parkeergarage Lammermarkt Leiden [Multistorey Car Park] were also competing for the prize. All the projects had special features.

The Schreuders Prize
Every two years, the COB (Centrum Ondergronds Bouwen, the knowledge centre for underground building and underground use of space) awards the Schreuders Prize. This prize is presented to a company or organisation for a project in which innovative and responsible use is made of the underground space.


This news item is based on the press release of A2 Maastricht.

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