The most sustainable campus in Europe: that's what the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven aims to be in 2025. How? Among others, by working more cleverly with Campus Site Management, the facilities suppliers and the companies based on the campus. Strukton Worksphere signed this strategic cooperation agreement and is the prime strategic partner for technology.

Following the signing of the cooperation agreement by the seven biggest strategic facilities partners: Strukton Worksphere (technology), Beelen (waste), CSU (cleaning), Trigion (security), Dolmans (landscape), Eurest (hospitality) and KIEN Facility Management (managing agent), the first steps can now officially be taken. Behind the scenes, the Facility Management coalition is already working on three different business cases: Customer Journey, Cleaning Maintenance and Energy-Neutral Campus.

According to Frans Schmetz, director of Campus Site Management, this cooperation is important to facilitate companies and start-ups even better. Harry Arends from Campus Site Management adds: ‘By introducing integral purchasing and looking at improvement programmes with the FM coalition from different perspectives, you achieve better solutions to improve efficiency and raise the service level.’

Innovative and sustainable
The aim to make it the most innovative and sustainable campus in Europe in 2025 is ambitious, says Arends. ‘We are now looking at the energy and maintenance management. In the current situation, we are already saving a lot of energy and CO2 with our thermal storage system. But we are looking for an even more sustainable solution. The only thing missing is energy generation.’

In the coming period, Sjef Wijnen from Strukton Worksphere will be talking to various parties about possible scenarios: ‘We are aiming at a zero energy campus. How we will achieve that is not yet clear. With smart solutions like sensoring, we can already save a lot of energy. Perhaps we'll change to a pay-per-use model, where energy is purchased and only consumption is taxed. But we are also looking at ways to return energy. More solar panels might be an option, but perhaps something completely new will be invented here on the campus in the coming year. Then we'd be happy to use that.’


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