Since Friday 15 September, live-line work will no longer be performed. ProRail announced this good news last week.

This means that the voltage is removed from the overhead lines during all work on overhead lines. We heartily welcome this important step in occupational safety for employees in rail infrastructure. In a joint programme, BAM Infra Rail, Strukton Rail, VolkerRail and ProRail worked on this great result. Stopping live-line work proceeded much faster than anticipated. This is thanks to the good partnership, among other things. Live-line work was finally abolished a year earlier than planned.

Safety versus availability 
A recurring dilemma in the work is the safety of rail employees versus the availability of the rail infrastructure. Several measures have been taken in this respect. Thanks to new technological developments, it is possible to significantly reduce the time required to switch off the overhead line, for example. In cooperation with the sector, even after this programme, ProRail plans to continue improving the relationship between gross-net working time, using the latest techniques.

Good partnership 
BAM Infra Rail, Strukton Rail and VolkerRail made a considerable contribution to the success. The contractors have started working with the power off in different areas. In the other areas, they also took a critical look and actively sought options to prepare the work more smartly. Stopping live-line work proceeded faster than expected. For that reason, it was decided to completely abolish live-line working a year earlier than planned.

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