The new head office for Fokker, manufacturer of aircraft parts, in Papendrecht will accommodate 250 employees. The municipality of Papendrecht, Fokker and Strukton Worksphere signed a contract to build the new building in the Slobbengors area.

On Wednesday, 30 August, Mayor Aart-Jan Moerkerke and Strukton Worksphere CEO Evert Lemmen signed the contract for the new Fokker head office. At the same time, the municipality and vice-president Steven Soederhuizen from Fokker Aerostructures put their signatures to agreements to manage the building in a partnership and to be given ownership of the office. The new building replaces Fokker's current office which has been in use since 1962 and will become Fokker's new head office.
‘We are delighted that such an excellent and innovative technology company is staying in Papendrecht.Through a careful partnership structure with Fokker, we are investing in a newhead office to ensure our long-term connection. That's good for employment inPapendrecht and in the region. Fokker is not only important to our localeconomy, but it also contributes to technology education locally.' Anouk van Eekelen, councillor of Papendrecht
Because the municipality is one of the partners involved in the construction of the office, it offered the contract to the market through a European procurement procedure. Strukton Worksphere was awarded the contract for the construction of the office. This will be a striking building covering 6,500 m2 and has been designed to meet the demands of sustainability and user experience. The use of a geothermal heat pump ensures sustainability, for example, whilst optimal user experience is ensured in the generous amount of daylight entering the building and the flexible interior design of the office. 
‘This integral project combines architectural, installation-technological and infrastructural elementsinto comfortable surroundings. The design and installation concept not onlycontribute to sustainability goals, but they also ensure a pleasant andcomfortable working environment for the users.’  Evert Lemmen, CEO Strukton Worksphere

The construction of the new head office in Papendrecht symbolises the continued importance of the Netherlands for Fokker, which has been a subsidiary of GKN Aerospace since 2015. It is thus one of the biggest global suppliers in aviation, with 18,000 employees and 54 production locations in 14 countries. 

‘This contract is another excellent example of successful cooperation between local governmentand industry. We look forward to working with the municipality of Papendrechtand Strukton to create a wonderful new head office for our company and thussupport our long-term growth ambitions.’  Steven Soederhuizen, Fokker
The work starts this autumn and completion is planned for the end of 2019.
Artist impression of the new head office for Fokker

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