Strukton Worksphere and e-nolis signed a cooperative agreement to integrate the e-nolis Energy Navigator into the Strukton PULSE platform. Both parties regard cooperation as an excellent way to innovate. Together, they can very easily provide maximum insight into potential and achieved energy savings in real estate.

Two heads are obviously better than one, which is certainly the case here. Strukton PULSE brings together data relating to people, technology and the surroundings. This prevents faults, extends the life span and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs in real estate. The result is a pleasant, comfortable and sustainable living environment in which customised services can be provided. The e-nolis Energy Navigator consists of smart software which provides commercial real estate with maximum insight into energy-saving options with minimum data input and this directly translates into an associated business case. Strukton PULSE combined with Energy Navigator delivers maximum insight into energy consumption, CO2 emissions in relation to comfort and costs.

Simplify complexity
The partnership between Strukton PULSE and e-nolis Energy Navigator starts with three projects and immediately makes the added value visible. This appears from research that shows that most buildings do not function according to the allocated energy label. A greener energy label usually means a more complex installation whereby more demands are imposed on building management. In terms of the design, more complex installations perform worse than simpler installations. Combining knowledge makes insight and advice easy.
‘Being prepared to work together may be the greatest challenge for the coming period. Integrating innovative applications, which make it possible to perform increasingly easy and smart analyses, facilitates the data-driven service provision of Strukton Worksphere.’ Evert Lemmen, CEO Strukton Worksphere
Integration in the platform
The Energy Navigator quickly determines what the operational energy label really is. Combined with historic data from Strukton PULSE, specific advice is generated to improve the building's energy label. This is not only important because after 2023, buildings larger than 100 m2 must at least have an energy label C, but also to achieve a positive business case with an attractive recoup time. Being convinced that the functioning and performance of a building must be analysed in an integral way, the logical next step is to integrate the Energy Navigator in the Strukton PULSE platform. Giel van Giersbergen, director of e-nolis, underlines this and regards the Energy Navigator as a valuable verification layer for analyses that analyse building management system data (GBS data).
‘The Energy Navigator uses validated energy main meter data and not GBS data whereby the results of PULSE can be compared with results from the Energy Navigator. Strukton Worksphere can thus optimally serve the client.’ Giel van Giersbergen, director e-nolis
An overview of what the e-nolis dashboard looks like.

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