In more than thirty projects completed by Strukton Rail for ProRail this year, Strukton has only used ECO sleepers.

In total, this amounts to between 80,000 and 100,000 sleepers. One of the bigger projects in which this is the case is the superstructure renovation and redesign of the Zaandam-Hoorn-Enkhuizen line. That project started over the weekend of 8 and 9 July. In that project, Strukton is replacing around 20,000 sleepers with its renewal train. The production of the ECO sleeper involves 20% less CO2 emissions than in the conventional sleeper. Only choosing ECO sleepers for the big projects is part of Strukton Rail's ambition to work sustainably.

One of the objectives within this ambition is to purchase as many sustainable sleepers as possible. In the production of conventional sleepers, Portland cement is traditionally used. The production of Portland cement produces high CO2 emissions. 

"This makes sleepers one of the biggest CO2 emission factors in laying or renewing a railway track. And that's something we want to address in the chain.” Mark de Vries, Commercial director of developer and supplier voestalpine Railpro

Blast-furnace cement and recycled old railway ballast is used in the production of the ECO sleeper. This means less extraction of new filler substances is required.

Cooperation is the key word in corporate social responsibility. That's something that Strukton also notices in its daily practice. The company increasingly seeks out its chain partners, particularly when sustainable enterprise is concerned. Only using ECO sleepers is a concrete example of that. 

"Our research showed that we could achieve great benefits by reducing emissions in the extraction and production of materials and products we purchase. Sleepers play an important role in that. We now pay more for each sleeper, but it benefits the environment. And that's worth a lot." Tjark de Vries, director Projects at Strukton Rail Nederland

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