ProRail commissioned Strukton to install the protection system ATB Vv (Automatic Train Control improved version) on the Brabant route.

This involves 95 signals which have been fitted with the ATB Vv system. The Brabant route runs from Rotterdam, Breda, Tilburg, Eindhoven to Venlo. In the construction of ATB Vv, the Brabant route had priority because freight trains are regularly diverted via the Brabant route due to the construction of a third track in Germany. The new system further improves safety on this route.

Protection system ATB Vv
ATB is a protection system that automatically brings trains to a halt when they approach a red signal at speeds of over 40 km an hour. The improved version, ATB Vv, also brings trains to a halt at speeds lower than 40 km an hour. ATB Vv is therefore a good addition to the ATB protection system. Due to the increasing number of trains on the railway, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment have made money available to provide more signs for this system.

A2 Corridor
The Brabant route is the first part of our ATB Vv contract to be delivered. The second part, the A2 Corridor will follow in the autumn.

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