Strukton, Ballast Nedam and Facilicom are working together for maximum result on circularity. That was accompanied by the contract signing for the joint development, construction and operation of the circular hospitality and meeting pavilion 'the Green House' in the station area in Utrecht.

Source of inspiration
For 15 years, the pavilion will be a source of inspiration for a new circular economy and offer a special experience through hospitality, work and meeting rooms and sustainable innovations. The pavilion thus immediately creates added value for the surroundings. The pavilion wants to reach and inspire a wide audience and stimulate broad social engagement in terms of circular principles and actions.

Super-fast sustainable construction and 15 years' operation
You can't see anything yet, but from September a reusable pavilion will be erected over the course of three months. In spring 2018, 'the Green House' opens its doors. Its fast construction is due to the fully re-mountable construction and use of prefabricated elements. Furthermore, as much material as possible is re-used (the cladding panels come from the old Knoopkazerne next door to 'the Green House'). After 15 years, the pavilion can be moved somewhere else and this land used for another purpose. This makes the land and the building future-proof.

The partnership between Strukton, Ballast Nedam, Facilicom and Albron is aimed at fulfilling the shared vision and dream of sustainable construction and operation. This is done through a far-reaching cooperation agreement, which is different from the usual rental agreement. The starting point is to achieve optimal results in terms of circularity, both during development and construction and during the 15 years' operation. The results will not remain with the parties involved, but will be shared. So that others can learn from the findings.

Social vitality and security
The background for the construction of the new pavilion is the aim of the Central Government Real Estate Agency to prevent the creation of an urban gap on the site of the Green House, but to provide something that can contribute to social vitality and security. The municipality of Utrecht joined in a temporary rejuvenation of an important and busy city centre intersection. The Central Government Real Estate Agency then decided to incorporate the pavilion as part of the tender for the redevelopment of the neighbouring former Knoopkazerne. The circular pavilion is centrally located in the upcoming station area in Utrecht and borders important thoroughfares like Croeselaan, the Forum which is under construction and the Moreelsebrug which joins the station area with the historic city centre. In this context, Strukton, Ballast Nedam, Facilicom and Albron have formulated the ambition to build a circular pavilion, including circular business case and operation. The pavilion offers solutions for the growing sense of urgency with respect to sustainability and climate goals.

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