Until October 2017, Strukton Rolling Stock is supplying 40 relay boxes and 3 kV parts to BAM Infra Rail to replace the train protection on the 't Gooi plot.

BAM Infra Rail is responsible for managing this plot and has instructed Strukton Rolling Stock to deliver the relay boxes.

Strukton Rolling Stock is responsible for: 

  • 40 relay boxes type 45 
  • 4 temporary 3kV provisions 
  • 2 3kV provisions switch disconnectors 
  • 1 3kV distribution rack 
  • 2 work zone boxes based on the SPC 

Train protection
The contract is part of the Replacement Train Protection Programme (PVT), one of the biggest train protection programmes to have been undertaken in the Netherlands in recent years. In many places, the Dutch railways are still protected by traditional relay protection systems. To replace these systems, ProRail launched the Replacement Train Protection Programme (PVT). Through this programme, the old protection systems will be replaced by a future-proof and open system. The relay boxes, train protection systems and cables will all be replaced.

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