Today, Thursday 11 May, the fifth intake of students received their certificate in the Rail Technology minor at Railcenter in Amersfoort.

This time, the minor, involving Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU), Railcenter, ProRail, Movares, Arcadis and Strukton, delivered thirty potential new additions for the rail sector. Congratulations!

The Rail Technology minor was launched in September 2016. The minor gives students from civil engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and electrical engineering the opportunity to learn about the rail world. The minor has a very integrated character; students look beyond the boundaries of their own studies to other disciplines. In this period, they also learn to work intensively together. Good for cooperation between the various organisations in the rail sector.

Certificates minor rail technique


"Sharing knowledge means multiplying knowledge. As lecturers, we sometimes get bogged down in instructions, work methods and principles and are sometimes held back by regulations. Students are not held back, they think out of the box. I learn from that." Andres den Boesterd, engineer at Strukton Rail and lecturer in the Rail Technology minor
The Rail Technology minor starts again in September 2017. A new intake of students is then given the opportunity to learn about the rail world.

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