In 2016, Strukton Rail's CO2 emissions fell by 6.4 percent. Strukton Rail is thus well on its way to achieving its long term goals.

Some highlights:

  • CO2 emissions of 15,385 tons -> 6.4% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions
  • 10% reduction relative CO2 emissions (per million euros activated production)
    -> ambition 2% reduction relative emissions amply achieved
  • 4.6% reduction in lease car emissions
  • 17.9% reduction in production resources emissions
  • 8.1% reduction in commuter travel emissions
  • 23% rise in business mobility emissions
  • 6.9% rise in gas/electricity emissions
  • Reduction emissions scope 1: 8%
  • Increase emissions scope 2: 11%
  • Reduction emissions scope 3: 8%

The CO2 report for 2016 provides more information about the structure of the CO2 emissions and the progress of the measures from the reduction programme.

This is the last report specific to Strukton Rail. From 2017, Strukton Rail, Strukton Civiel, Strukton Worksphere and Strukton Integrale Projecten will report jointly about their CO2 emissions and the measures to reduce emissions.

Structure CO2 emissions 2016 per scope

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