The declaration of intent to implement and operationalise the Energy, Comfort and Installation modules of Strukton PULSE in the current services was signed by Zorggroep Sint Maarten and Strukton Worksphere at the Building Holland innovation event. This integral approach is very important for achieving the housing ambitions of Zorggroep Sint Maarten.

The energy module of Strukton PULSE will provide insight into the energy consumption of the buildings of Zorggroep Sint Maarten. This will make it easier to formulate and monitor the energy savings objectives.

In addition, the Comfort module of Strukton PULSE will be implemented. The Comfort module provides insight into and control over the indoor climate of the rooms. This makes an important contribution to the satisfaction of the residents.

Finally, the Installation module of Strukton PULSE will be added to the total service provision relating to management and maintenance. The performance of the installations will be displayed in graphs. This makes it possible to further analyse the operation at installation level. Based on the in-house-developed algorithms, the buildings and the installations will be monitored and checked 24 hours a day.

Integral approach
Tim Rodger, manager Real Estate, Construction & Management at Zorggroep Sint Maarten, and Evert Lemmen, CEO of Strukton Worksphere, signed the declaration during the Building Holland event. In Strukton Worksphere, Zorggroep Sint Maarten has found the partner who makes an integral contribution to achieving its housing ambitions.

Strukton PULSE

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