On the first day of the three-day innovation event '(Re)Building the future', Robert Pet representing DUO² and Maikel Nabuurs representing Strukton Worksphere signed a declaration of intent to add the energy module of Strukton PULSE to the existing maintenance services. An important step towards improving the sustainability of the building which has already been awarded four stars BREEAM-NL In-Use.

DUO² is responsible for all the facilities services of the Groningen office of the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs and the Tax and Customs Administration (47,000 m²) for a period of 20 years. For management and maintenance, DUO² uses the technical and architectural services of Strukton Worksphere.

Energy module Strukton PULSE
The energy module of Strukton PULSE will give DUO² better insight into the energy consumption in the building. The energy data will be presented clearly in graphs and tables. Handy cross-sections will make it possible to make various analyses. For energy savings processes, too, this energy module is the ideal way to make savings visible and to monitor the established goals. The energy module of Strukton PULSE will therefore also contribute to the further professionalisation of the management and maintenance of DUO².

4 Stars BREEAM-NL In Use
At the beginning of 2017, DUO² received the four-star score BREEAM-NL In Use from the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC). The energy module Strukton PULSE is a great addition which enables DUO² to continue working on its sustainability ambitions. This step also aligns well with the current Asset Management programme of DUO2, which aims to obtain the ISO 55001 certificate in 2018.

Signing the declaration of intent at the Building Holland innovative event organised by the platform Duurzaam Gebouwd underlines the sustainable ambitions of DUO² and Strukton Worksphere.

about DUO² A sustainable and innovative office. An icon for the city of Groningen. The first big new building PPS.
BREEAM-NL In Use Four stars BREEAM-NL In-Use for the recertification of DUO² in Groningen on Asset and three stars for Management. With this recertification, DUO confirms its sustainable ambitions.

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