For ProRail, Reef Infra and Strukton Rail are working on the Rails project in Assen.

This project includes the complete rail layout by the rail yard in Assen. The project is part of the Rail Plan North Netherlands by which ProRail is making the North more accessible.

In recent months, the work in Assen has become increasingly visible. The preparatory work for the new platform tunnel is progressing well. Various cable routes have already been drawn. The cable routes have now been connected, so that the new protection can be pretested. The new protection installation is located in the extended relay house on Oosterparallelweg. Finally, various overhead line foundations have been placed in the whole area. This is where the new portals will be installed.

During the weekend of 10 to 12 March, the rail in Assen will be out of service for preparatory work. The culmination of the overhaul will be between 16 April 2017 and 1 May, when the rail will be out of service for 15 days.

Included in the scope of Rails in Assen are the structural work for the new platform tunnel, demolishing the current platform tunnel, building platform 1 and extending island platform 2/3, modifying the entire infrastructure (underpass, upper building, overhead lines) to meet the new situation and creating a brand new protection system based on PLC interlocking.

Partnership is key in this project. Partnership with ProRail, the municipality of Assen and contractors of surrounding projects.


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