Waterschap Rijn en IJssel and Strukton Worksphere have signed a maintenance performance contract for 3 years. Optimisation of the indoor environment and efficient use of energy and resources are the starting points for this contract, with which Waterschap Rijn en IJssel can fulfil its housing ambitions.

Over the coming three years, Strukton Worksphere will perform the electrical and mechanical engineering maintenance on the installations in the building. The well-devised implementation plan and the extensive expertise in innovative maintenance led the Waterschap to choose Strukton Worksphere. Besides the daily maintenance, Strukton Worksphere will also perform the fault and complaint maintenance. In a performance contract like this, the contractor is responsible for the performance of the installations. To achieve this in practice, a direct link is created between the systems of both organisations and condition-based maintenance takes place.

Pleasant indoor climate
In Strukton Worksphere, Waterschap Rijn en IJssel has found the partner that can make an integral contribution to achieving its housing ambitions. A pleasant indoor climate for working, in which energy consumption is reduced, will be the result for the employees of Waterschap Rijn en IJssel.

By signing a contract with Waterschap Rijn en IJssel, Strukton Worksphere has expanded its utility portfolio. Previously it also signed a contract with Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, Enexis and Waterlaboratorium Noord.

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