Strukton and Semiotic Labs intensify their partnership in the field of predictive maintenance. This creates a unique partnership to make installations in buildings smarter and to apply data-driven maintenance. Better availability due to fewer outages for building users is the result, thanks to the online integral analysis environment of Strukton PULSE: Analytics.

Semiotic Labs delivers sensors and algorithms which convert data into information about when and why electric motors fail. Strukton Worksphere integrates this data into the Strukton PULSE platform and contributes its professional knowledge and service organisation. The combination of big data, algorithms and professional knowledge prevents faults in installations and provides insight into the actual maintenance required. Real estate owners can thus offer their users a comfortable, safe and sustainable location.

Strukton PULSE takes an integral look at a building in terms of user comfort, energy and maintenance.
‘By adding the knowledge of Semiotic Labs to our integral online analysis platform Strukton PULSE, we take another step towards predictive maintenance. Ultimately, with Strukton PULSE we want to ensure that management and maintenance of all building installations is performed optimally, sustainably and proactively.’  Maikel Nabuurs, Monitoring and Data Management Manager Strukton Worksphere 
Predictive for availability and sustainability
This new and pioneering approach to maintenance saves costs and benefits the availability and sustainability of buildings and installations. Preventive maintenance is performed in a more targeted way and faults are prevented. With self-learning algorithms, deviations in the use of power, for example, are detected, reported and displayed in a dashboard. Strukton Worksphere thus gains insight into the condition of installations and can proactively decide when planned maintenance can be performed on an installation. Without disruption for the real estate manager.
‘The Strukton PULSE platform is growing fast by combining knowledge of our own specialists with that of unique parties in the market, such as Semiotic Labs. Only by working together can PULSE stay ahead and offer an integral analysis and monitoring environment for availability, comfort, energy and data-driven maintenance.’  Patrick van Geffen, programme manager Strukton PULSE
In September 2016, Semiotic Labs and Strukton Rail signed a contract for the development of a Smart Condition Monitoring System for assets driven by electric motors. Now the next step is being taken to the building environment.
‘Simon Jagers, founder of Semiotic Labs
‘Strukton is the ideal partner for us: They have domain knowledge, already work on data-drive maintenance in various areas and invest expressly in developing pioneering products and services on the interface of maintenance and the Internet ofThings.’  Simon Jagers, founder of Semiotic Labs

PULSE Analytics

With Strukton PULSE Analytics, detailed analysis possibilities become available for managing installations, comfort, energy and maintenance in buildings.

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