61 BREAAM-NL In-Use stars have been presented by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC). To three Strukton public/private partnership projects, where the ambitions for a sustainable working and living environment became reality. The DGBC as well as Strukton Worksphere, partners and clients are proud of the high-scoring working environments. The result of continuously working on improving an existing building.

Four stars BREEAM-NL In-Use for the recertification of DUO2 in Groningen on Asset and three stars for Management. Three stars for both building and management of the Ministry of Finance in The Hague and six times four stars for both Asset and Management for the Kromhout Kazerne in Utrecht.

Thomas Metz, responsible for the BREEAM-NL In-Use quality mark at the DGBC: ‘It's fantastic that six buildings were certified at the same time. And then with an unrivalled high score on both Asset and Management: Excellent. Unique for Utrecht. Choosing a portfolio approach makes it possible to benchmark several buildings and guide them to further improvement.’

Solar panels and 48 stars
It's unique that six office buildings of the Kromhout Kazerne have been certified with four stars (Excellent) for both Asset and Management. These are not just the first BREAM-NL In-Use Excellent buildings in Utrecht, but it also doubles the number of buildings in the Netherlands with this certification.
A BREEAM procedure not only tests sustainability in the framework of energy consumption, water consumption, waste and pollution, but it also looks at the building management and health. Strukton Worksphere thus demonstrates its good management of the healthy and energy-efficient buildings for users, which benefits the living climate, reduces absenteeism and boosts productivity. Utrecht city councillor Lot van Hooijdonk presented the certificates on behalf of the assessor. He congratulated all users of the Kazerne building on their sustainable living environment and complimented the operations team on their focus on energy and sustainability.

Manifesto 'Utrecht's roof gives energy!
In 2017, 5,800 m2 of solar panels will be installed on the Kromhout Kazerne. These solar panels provide more visibility to the sustainable activities and ambitions.
Both Strukton and operating company Komfort signed the manifesto 'Utrecht's roof gives energy!' watched by councillor Van Hooijdonk. They join the partnership between the municipality of Utrecht and industry to provide ten percent of the roofs with solar panels in 2020.

Recertification is confirmation
At the end of 2013, the building of the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) and the Tax and Customs Administration in Groningen was the first existing Government office building to receive four stars. With this recertification, DUO confirms its sustainable ambitions.
Strukton Worksphere manages and runs this sustainable government building. In the building occupied by DUO and the Tax and Customs Administration, waste is separated in six flows; the waste is nearly always totally recycled. A lot of attention has also been devoted to retaining and improving the existing ecology by constructing an urban garden bordering the existing woodland and with provisions for the animals which are naturally found here, such as housing for bats and a peregrine.

Sustainable renovation and management
The asset on Korte Voorhout 7 was renovated in 2006-2008 and is the main office of the Ministry of Finance. Due to the special design of the building, in the English Brutalism style, it was decided to retain this style in the renovation, but to improve the comfort and energy management. The double skin facade and the use of thermal energy storage make an important contribution to this. Being awarded the Very Good BREAAM-NL In-Use certification shows that the building has not only been sustainably renovated, but also that the management fulfils the criteria.

Anke van Leeuwen, BREEAM-NL In-Use expert at Strukton Worksphere, concludes with satisfaction:

‘It's very energising to help parties achieve and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility aims. By recognising the joint interest and working well together, we can achieve our goal with small and big steps.’

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