Mark Ooijen has been appointed CFO of Strukton Worksphere. Together with CEO Evert Lemmen, he will form the board of Strukton Worksphere. In recent years, Mark Ooijen has held various financial positions within Strukton Worksphere. Evert Lemmen has been managing director of Strukton Worksphere since 2015.

Strategy unchanged
The strategy of Strukton Worksphere remains unchanged. Strukton Worksphere develops, designs, implements, maintains and manages pleasant and healthy working and living environments. We do this based on our construction and technology DNA. With our unique client and maintenance knowledge and our innovative application of technology, we proactively fulfil the wishes of our clients.

The future starts today

The world around us is changing fast. There are many technological developments that are impacting our lives and our work in the construction and installation sector. Have a look at 2020 too!

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