It is now very simple to optimise maintenance planning of your real estate. New to PULSE Analytics is the addition of Predictive Maintenance: predicting optimal maintenance based on actual data. The aim is to reduce the number of faults and maintenance costs.

We are in a building so often that we tend to take some things for granted. For years now just the necessary maintenance, no faults, minimum costs and satisfied users in your building? Is that luck or wisdom?
Managing comfort, energy consumption and predicting the maintenance needs of your building is not easy. So we've added a maintenance module to PULSE Analytics.

Predictive maintenance
With this module, we can predict optimal preventive maintenance of your installations. The more we measure, the more we know. The smarter we become, the greater the potential to improve.
Strukton PULSE Analytics uses smart algorithms to suggest the ideal maintenance schedule. It does this based on existing maintenance planning, use and performance of your building installations. New combinations of data create interesting insights: we can also reveal the link between maintenance and the number of faults. This results in cost reduction and increased reliability by more targeted maintenance actions in the right frequency.

Integral analysis
Strukton Worksphere is specialised in implementation and in managing and maintaining the environment in which we work, travel and live. PULSE Analytics is the integral big data analysis environment in which the Comfort, Energy Consumption, Maintenance and functioning of the installations and building installations is continuously monitored for you. Data, knowledge and experience taken for granted.

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