For Strukton Rail, December was a month of mobilisation in The Hague region.

Since 1 January 2017, Strukton Rail has been contracted by HTM to perform maintenance on the light rail infrastructure in The Hague and surroundings. On 28 November, HTM and Strukton Rail signed the maintenance contract. The contract runs for two years, with three renewal options of one year. Strukton was awarded the contract after an EMVI tender. In addition to the price, the action plan, risk management, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social return were important criteria on which HTM assessed the applications.

The maintenance contract for HTM is a so-called Output Performance Contract (OPC). Strukton Rail will be responsible for doing inspections, preventive and corrective maintenance of the railway track, switches, crossings, overhead line, power supply systems and engineering work. In addition, Strukton Rail will provide the 24/7 second line breakdown service. Strukton Rail also provides the first line breakdown service at night and during weekends.

"We are delighted to have been awarded this maintenance contract for HTM. Ourambition is to optimise the maintenance of the lightrail infrastructure together with HTM and thus increase the availability, extend the lifespan ofthe infrastructure and reduce the number of breakdowns and general maintenancecosts,"  says Pim Hamers, contract manager at Strukton Rail Netherlands.

Lightrail network
The contract involves the former Randstad Rail section. This section is now called Lightrail Infrastructure. The Lightrail Infrastructure area relates to the rail infrastructure consisting of the following lines:

  • The Hague Central Station up to and including the Beatrixlaan branch line
  • Beatrixlaan voltage transition point up to and including the Samenloopdeel branch line
  • Samenloopdeel between Beatrixlaan and split at 16.1 km (Leidschenveen)
  • Zoetermeer line (Stamlijn and the Krakeling)
  • Oosterheem line
  • Erasmus line from the split at Leidschenveen up to and including Klapwijkse Laantje
  • Leidschendam yard

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