We use fewer square metres of office space with increasingly more people. We are also working increasingly flexibly. Strukton Worksphere has launched a workstation occupancy pilot. By gaining insight into the use of flexible workstations and meeting rooms, combined with data-driven management and maintenance by Strukton PULSE, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a building can be significantly reduced.

No more searching for a free workstation makes life more pleasant and efficient for the user. Using a layout on an interactive kiosk (a touch screen column), the user can see which places are available. For this purpose, various meeting rooms and workstations are equipped with wireless (LoRa) sensors to measure actual occupancy. The pilot initially focuses on exploring the reliability of the solution and then the integration options within PULSE Analytics.

Integration big data offers new opportunities
Use of floors or parts of floors based on supply and demand, cooling or heating them, offers opportunities for the owner or manager. Opportunities such as reducing energy consumption or cleaning, for example.

Strukton Worksphere is constantly looking for new technology that makes it possible to collect (anonymous) data about the building, users and the environment. Technology, data, big data and services are becoming increasingly integrated. Optimisation of the management and maintenance of buildings is the result.

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