Strukton has delivered the last buildings in the Land in Zicht project in Haarlem. This completes the area development in Haarlem North.

A solution for the poor accessibility of the Waarderpolder. And an inspiring design for a residential area. In total, 182 homes were built. A unique spot in Haarlem has been revitalised.

The first phase for the Land in Zicht project involved building the Schoterbrug over the Spaarne. This bridge relieves traffic in Haarlem city centre and improves the accessibility of the Waarderpolder business park. 

After relocating the marina to the other side of the Spaarne and moving the scouting under the bridge, during the second phase of the Land in Zicht project, new land was created by constructing two peninsulas with 47 houses and 30 apartments. In the final phase, 105 apartments for life were completed in three apartment blocks above a garage with storage places. Elan Wonen bought 80 apartments.

Strukton Projectontwikkeling developed Land in Zicht, while Strukton Worksphere completed the construction work. The houses and apartments were designed by RPHS+ in Voorburg.

With the completion of 'Land in Zicht', a landmark was achieved. Following the construction of the Schoterbrug, a new connection has been created and the surroundings have been given a significant boost. From 'ragged edge' of the city to a modern and attractive residential area. That's the result of Land in Zicht.

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