Strukton Worksphere built two of these high-tech operating theatres for a hospital in the south of the country.

They were installed between the existing operating theatres. A complex operation, because the medical staff continued to work during the extension.

This was a demanding project with a tight planning schedule in which the hybrid operating theatres were built in between two existing operating theatres. Another express requirement was that the medical processes in the two existing operating theatres would be able to continue unobstructed and risk-free. We therefore had considerable limiting conditions with respect to continuity, reliability and safety.

Business as usual
To ensure that business could continue as usual in the operating theatres, the processes were completely separated. This ensured that the structural, electrical and mechanical engineers never got in the way of the medical staff or patients. With good project management, the extension of an existing location proved to be eminently feasible. Project leader Bastiaans: ‘We analysed the current and future work processes in depth before we produced our plan of approach. A project like this involves many different disciplines which need to be optimally coordinated, such as architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, working with medical gases and of course the verification and validation process.’

A lot of attention in this project focused on creating an environment which was pleasant for both patients and medical staff. This is part of Strukton Worksphere's care proposition: the best care in healthy buildings.

Hybrid Operating Theatre
A hybrid operating theatre combines the functionality of a conventional operating theatre with digital imaging via scans. Hybrid operating theatres can also be controlled in terms of air quality and hygiene so that manual intervention is possible if the situation requires it. Shortly after commissioning, international specialists arrived on a working visit to see how the new hybrid operating theatres use the plenum system, X-ray unit and surrounding equipment. With the hybrid operating theatres, the hospital has truly been able to substantiate its pioneering role.

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This article was published in FMT Gezondheidszorg (September 2016).

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