With this extensive new version, Strukton PULSE stepped deeper into the world of energy management.

A considerable step in fact: energy consumption is integrated with comfort and the performance of the installations is both analysed and monitored. That makes Strukton PULSE unique. Because energy costs amount to around 40% of the running costs of a building, this integral approach generates massive savings.

Strukton Worksphere does not deliver software or extravagant claims, but a building that is comfortable and pleasant to be and work in. A building which you enjoy returning to. Strukton PULSE is key to our integral approach: data analysis of energy consumption for the desired comfort with a watchful eye for the optimal operation of the installations. And combine this with the right maintenance: Strukton PULSE controls it all.

No software
Energy management often begins with a consultant performing a full energy scan of a building. This provides insight into the electricity, gas, thermal energy storage and water consumption and we can then look for possible areas for improvement. The Strukton PULSE platform offers all possible analyses.

Obviously, in connection with the use of the building, energy consumption is part of the desired or agreed comfort level and the behaviour of the installations. Improvements can be implemented by our specialists directly from the PULSE Connect portal in the building management system. Its effect is immediately visible in the Performance Monitor and Strukton PULSE monitors 24/7 whether all the improvements have the desired lasting effect. Using software to obtain more and better insight isn't everything. However, when this insight is combined with knowledge and expertise, we achieve results. 

Extravagant claims
The extensive new version of Strukton PULSE offers insight into both energy consumption and comfort, as well as into how the technical installations are performing. Combined with the expertise of Strukton Worksphere, it is thus possible to considerably reduce consumption costs and lower CO2 emissions. The result? Improved comfort in your building and more efficient use of your installations. The latter extends the lifespan or reduces the maintenance frequency of the technical installations.

View the energy module and all other options at www.struktonpulse.nl

Strukton PULSE

Energy management by Strukton PULSE: monitor and analyse energy consumption as well as the comfort and performance of the technical installations. Integral approach, big savings.

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