With Strukton PULSE, detailed analysis possibilities become available for managing installations and comfort in buildings.

Here there's great potential for optimally regulating buildings, so that comfort is achieved with minimum energy consumption and maximum lifespan.

Strukton PULSE looks straight through the building, feels whether the comfort was pleasant and checks whether all the installations were operating well. This not only prevents complaints and an excessive energy bill, but also high wear and tear and unplanned replacement maintenance. With an eye to the future, CO2 reduction and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

PULSE watches
All performance can be automatically monitored 24/7; PULSE is always watching. Monitoring takes place through hundreds of algorithms which continuously calculate whether all the demands are being met. Deviations are observed and the controller is alerted by means of a PULSE notification. The controller can then intervene directly before a defect or complaint arises.

PULSE sees
When a deviation is observed, the relevant installation can easily be analysed at every level and adjusted from the Strukton PULSE Connect portal. This can be done on site or from any online location. This considerably reduces the function repair time, but can also correct tripping of an installation, for example.

PULSE feels
Comfort is felt by registering e.g. the temperature, humidity and air quality for each room and displaying it in practical dashboards. The desired comfort and usage times of the building can be freely set in consultation with the client. Goal and result, a pleasant climate for the user of the building with minimum energy consumption.

Oh yes, all the buildings of a real estate manager can be integrally managed from Strukton PULSE, independently from all the technology behind it. It's also possible to switch between buildings so that performance and periods can quickly be compared. That's convenient

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