Strukton Worksphere has optimised and stabilised the air treatment of 14 operating theatres at Isala Hospital in Zwolle.

Due to the phased approach during the project, there were always enough operating theatres available. Prefabrication, phasing of the optimisation and working at weekends limited inconvenience for patients, care professionals and visitors and prioritised continuity of the care.

Isala moved into a new hospital with 14 operating theatres in August 2013. Changing work processes and associated demand for comfort require optimisation of the air treatment and corresponding controls. In partnership with Isala and existing maintenance and other parties, Strukton Worksphere drew up a plan whose phased approach and focus on security and quality minimised inconvenience and guaranteed continuity of the care.

Air treatment in operating theatre vitally important
The climate in operating theatres must be just right. Temperature, ventilation, pressure difference and
air cleanliness contribute to the safety of the patient (infection prevention) and the professional (comfort). Many different factors affect good climate control in the operating theatre. This includes the number of door movements, the position of the operating table and the size of the surgical team, the duration and type of surgery for the patient. For the top clinical hospital Isala in Zwolle, air treatment must be optimal for the best patient care.

Fast, efficient, without inconvenience
By assembling installation and architectural components in prefabrication, Strukton Worksphere accelerated the construction process and minimised the risk of disruption of the care process and business operations. Smart, because the operating theatres are the heart of the production of the hospital.

In partnership with a project team from Isala, a permanent implementation team from Strukton Worksphere completed the modifications in the operating theatre centre and associated technical areas based on an LEAN planning. The supply routes through the hospital, transport with closed containers or roll containers: everything was aimed to prevent inconvenience from noise, vibrations or dust. When positioning high cranes, for example, the flight route of the trauma helicopter was taken into account.

Pure specialists
An integral technical team from Strukton Worksphere, in which electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, control and architectural expertise is guaranteed, is specialised in safe and well-organised implementation in health care institutions. Continuity of the care services and minimising any factors creating inconvenience are our starting points. With the optimisation of the air treatment systems, Isala Zwolle is taking a new step towards providing the best care in a healthy building.

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