Today, the Central Government Real Estate Agency issued the Availability Certificate for Rijkskantoor De Knoop to consortium R Creators.

R Creators is a partnership between Strukton, Facilicom and Ballast Nedam.

The availability certificate confirms that R Creators meets various conditions set by the Central Government Real Estate Agency for starting work. This means that the redevelopment of Rijkskantoor De Knoop can officially start. To mark this milestone, representatives of the delegated principal, the Central Government Real Estate Agency and R Creators came together on the building site.

The symbolic start of the redevelopment will take place at the end of June after the environment permit granted by the municipality of Utrecht on 19 April 2016 has become irrevocable.

Sustainable redevelopment
The outdated Knoopkazerne in Utrecht is being sustainably redeveloped to become a government office that will accommodate various government departments. The criteria of sustainable partnership, perception value, hospitality, use value and future value are leading here. The work consists of a combination of demolition, renovation and extension. The principle is to demolish as little as possible and to re-use wherever possible. The shell of the former Knoopkazerne is being transformed into government offices and extended with a conference centre. An atrium links the conference centre and the transformed Knoopkazerne. The outside area is designed with 'the Knoopplein' and a temporary pavilion with a possible hospitality role. For R Creators, the project involves: design, construction, maintenance and operation. After commissioning in 2018, the operational phase will start with a duration of twenty years.

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