Over the past four years, I've been working on a management system with which our clients can obtain insight into their building at a glance.

For my own home, I want to know how much water I use, what temperature the heating is set at and how fast it warms up. I'm sure that our clients, who manage big buildings, want the same. For them, we developed an online platform where you can see at a glance the climate and energy consumption in a building.

Over the past four years, I've been working on a system with which our clients can obtain insight at a glance into their building. Compare it with your thermostat at home or the dashboard in your car: you can see immediately whether everything's working as it should. We get the necessary data via PULSE Connect. All the technical installations are connected via sensors with the building management system: pumps, boilers, ventilators, cooling machines, the thermal energy storage, anything that has a meter. Together that generates a lot of data. But our clients don't want to be inundated with all that information: they want to see whether their building is comfortable and energy-efficient at a glance.

One overview on screen
Clients respond enthusiastically, because they now have an overview. Our system works efficiently, particularly for our ESCo and PPS clients, with whom we have energy performance contracts running from 10 to 20 years. If a boiler or air handling unit suddenly switches on at the weekend, you can immediately see it on the screen. Our team can adjust the setting remotely, so no engineer needs to visit. You also find out at once if a component is broken, not just six months later during routine maintenance.
Now roll out further
I can do many different analyses with this data: you can combine and monitor comfort complaints from the logbook, temperature data and CO2 norms. Or in real time, show very concisely and accessibly on screens in the building how warm it is and how much energy each floor is using. Now that the platform has been properly developed, we can easily use it for new clients wanting to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption in their building. We are now at the point where we can take on more clients. Bring it on!

Connect everything, measure and then intervene remotely
I first discuss a plan with the client: where's the focus? Energy savings, more comfort, lifespan extension or optimising maintenance? We collect all kinds of detailed specifications: how many boilers are there, are there cooling machines, is there a thermal energy storage installation? How are these all interconnected and how should it work? Then we connect everything. We can process all the climate systems that are on the market in the Netherlands. Measuring points and buildings vary, so it can be quite a puzzle. When I start on a new building, I often spend a day at the site first. Working alongside the technical people on site is important: we can use each other's specialist knowledge. Together we can then solve complex puzzles. Sometimes we need to add sensors or meters or calculate something differently.

Want your own dashboard?

Seeing whether your building is comfortable and energy-efficient on one device?
All the measuring points are coded. We ensure secure data storage. Via our interface, we calibrate everything and make reports. The client gets his own account and can see exactly what he wants to monitor on the online platform.

I studied Sustainable Energy Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology, with a graduation project on energy savings in buildings. It's cool that at Strukton Worksphere you're right in the middle of setting up such an innovative platform and with an enthusiastic team.
Tom Hissel

"Clients respond enthusiastically, because they now have an overview."

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