The benefits of the new rail cutting method

Rail treatment without heat input, sparks and particulate matter. The Mobile Cutting Unit (MCU) introduces a ground-breaking rail maintenance method.

Rail Restore’s Mobile Cutting Unit (MCU) eliminates the drawbacks of conventional rail grinding methods with an innovative mobile system. The unit cleans, grinds and cuts the rail with a six-nozzle water jet machine. The cutting nozzles produce water jets as thin as needles that at 4,000 bar (twice the speed of sound) deburr, and cut mill scale and steel skin from the rail.

Deployable anywhere

In contrast to the conventional method, the familiar shower of sparks is a thing of the past with the MCU. As a result, the MCU can also be used in the vicinity of nature preserves, tunnels, bridges and the chemical industry. Due to a drastic reduction in noise levels, the MCU also constitutes far less of a nuisance for the local community. The MCU is mounted on a truck, which is easy to mount on the rails and does not make use of the railway grid. This makes it possible to treat rails anywhere.

Cost savings

To maintain rails in good condition, conventional rail grinding would require far more maintenance than the modern MCU rail cutting method. The MCU very precisely removes a minimal layer and this way extends the lifespan of the rails, because this procedure can be repeated far more often. This yields tremendous cost savings due to reduced rail maintenance and because rail replacement can be deferred.


"The MCU very precisely removes a minimal layer and this way extends the lifespan of the rails"

Better availability

Passengers also benefit from this new method. The MCU has proven itself to be effective in removing the formation of cellulose (the notorious ‘leaves on the rails’ in the autumn). The use of this new method consequently reduces failures. In addition, maintenance work becomes more predictable because we are able to link the MCU to the data provided by rail inspection systems.

Environment and sustainability

Due to the lack of residual waste and particulate matter, and the extremely low CO2 emission, treating rails with this technology is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the water used by the water jets is reused and the rails last much longer.

Multi-purpose use

As client, you can use the MCU in a wide variety of ways. This includes reprofiling, polishing and cleaning rails, removing mill scale and removing burrs in curves – the MCU does it all without any problems and with unparalleled precision. 

RailRestore in practice

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