Power for comfortable and clean travel

Trams, metros, light rail and trains breathe electricity. With traction systems and on-board power supply inverters, we provide comfortable travel.

Modern power electronics offer reliability

Power electronics are continuously improving. Manufacturers build in the most modern systems into new trains. We give older trains a second life with the most recent power electronics. For example, we are doing this in the United Kingdom, where we are making old metro wagons from London suitable for local rails without overhead lines. The modern technology ensures that the trains can continue to drive optimally, so that the railway is continuously available. Furthermore, passengers experience increasingly greater comfort. For example, the gradual acceleration and braking of trains, well-working air conditioning systems, charging points for laptops and mobile telephones, and lighting.

Reduced energy consumption reduces costs

Modern traction systems and inverters also ensure that trains consume less energy. The newest technology enables inverters to switch at very low power levels and brake energy can be fed back. This reduces costs. Siemens uses this technology in airport shuttles that transport passengers from the airport to the city. For example in Rennes (France) and Frankfurt (Germany).

Cleaner environment

Like electric cars, electric trains provide for a cleaner environment. The renovated trains in the United Kingdom are equipped with batteries, thus making diesel trains superfluous. Our power electronics also make it possible to drive cleaner on non-electrified railways in the Netherlands. For example at plants with a rail connection without overhead lines. We are developing hybrid locomotives for the steel industry that optimally use their diesel motors, thus requiring less diesel. In addition, in work trains the use of batteries reduces noise pollution.


"Our power solutions are becoming increasingly smarter, both within and outside the train"

Long-term relationship with the customer

We like to work with you to contribute ideas for the long term. Our power electronics can convert energy from different sources into power for the traction motors. Ranging from diesel generators with a battery to the use of hydrogen. Together with Siemens, we are developing standard traction for a new series of people movers. With the help of software, we then add functionalities as a result of which the systems become specific for the customer or end customer. 

Smart solutions for the future

Our power solutions are becoming increasingly smarter, both within and outside the train. For example, we use the train’s braking energy to feed electricity back to overhead lines. In addition, we are working on an inverter that is able to connect solar energy directly to the overhead lines for tram and metros. 


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