• Client Rijkswaterstaat
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Papendrecht
  • Status In Progress
A15-N3 Verbeteren aansluiting

Improved connection A15/N3/N214 Fewer traffic jams, more reliable travel time, better traffic flow, road safety and accessibility of the region; that is the aim of our work on the A15/N3/N214. Strukton Civiel has been commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat to renovate exit and insertion lanes, intersections and connecting roads. We are also constructing new railway structures, including two viaducts over the Sophia rail tunnel. We are carrying out far-reaching work to ensure that through traffic can continue for the longest time possible.

We improve the connection of the N3 and N214 roads on the A15 for better traffic flow

A15-N3 Verbeteren aansluiting

Improved traffic flow
There are often long traffic jams at the connection of the N3 and N214 to the A15 near Papendrecht. We adjust the connection for better traffic flow. You will then be able to drive from the A15 to the provincial roads without traffic lights via a quarter-leaf cloverleaf. The exit lane on the A15 will be widened to two lanes, one of which will have a loop under the existing viaduct and across the Sophia railway tunnel. The current roundabout on the N214 will be located a little further down the road and will be replaced by an intersection with a traffic control system. In the final situation, the current car-pooling areas will be replaced by a single car-pooling area on Parallelweg to the east of the N214-N3 and will have a capacity of 160 parking spaces. During construction time the current car-pooling sites around the N214-N3 roundabout will be replaced by one large car-pooling site with bicycle parking to the west of the junction along Veerweg. This carpool site will have a capacity of 120 parking spaces, 20 more than the current situation.

Viaducts over the railway
When improving the A15 / N3 / N214 junction, new viaducts will be built over the track. Preparatory work will start at the beginning of 2020. Special transport during construction may temporarily cause a short nuisance in the immediate vicinity. During the construction of the viaducts over the Sophia rail tunnel, anti-vision screens will be installed along the A15 motorway.

A15 emergency lane closure
We take measures to limit the inconvenience during the work as much as possible. For the first time, traffic - especially on the A15 motorway - can continue without major changes. At the end of January 2020, a barrier will be placed on the emergency lane of the A15 at the exit to the N214-N3. The emergency lane will then be closed in order to create space for the preloading next to the asphalt pavement. During this traffic measure, the maximum speed will be reduced to 100 km/hour. After a period of two months, the barrier will be moved to the outside of the emergency lane until the beginning of 2021 and the speed limit of 100 km/hour will be lifted again.

Attention to the environment, sustainability and circularity
In this project the reuse of materials is given space. We use concrete with recycled sand and recycled gravel. Existing concrete will be recycled and used as fully as possible in the project. Attention is also paid to the ecology of the area. In order to make room for the work, the poplars around the current carpool sites will have to be removed. Trees will be replanted for all felled trees. This will be done as much as possible on the site itself and otherwise via a green fund in other places in the Netherlands. Bats use these trees as landmarks on the flight paths to their winter quarters. That is why the trees are removed when the bats have left to hibernate. In spring, bat screens are placed so that the bats can follow their original flight path again.

The project has been awarded under the CO2 performance ladder level 5, an instrument that helps organisations to structurally reduce CO2 emissions. Strukton has been at this highest level of the CO2 performance ladder since 2010. Moreover, this project has been registered with ‘Bewuste Bouwers’ (Conscious Constructors); an initiative that fits in with the focus on environmental management, corporate social responsibility, safety and sustainability.

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Cooperation and responsibility Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for a good connection. ProRail is responsible for the nearby railway line. Strukton Civiel is carrying out the work and has shown good cooperation with both parties in previous projects.

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