Zuidelijke rondweg Breda

  • Client Municipality of Breda
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Breda
  • Status Delivered
Zuidelijke rondweg Breda

Improving the city's accessibility in Breda The municipality of Breda is working on the 'zuidelijke rondweg' (southern ring road) to improve the city's accessibility. Strukton Civiel Zuid worked on the road in the summer of 2019. We made several adjustments, such as creating more traffic lanes and extending insertion lanes. These adjustments were made to improve traffic flow. This should result in less traffic waiting in line and shorter waiting times.

Strukton Civiel Zuid worked on the 'zuidelijke rondweg' in Breda, one of the city's important access roads

Road infrastructure and concrete construction combined

Parallel to improving the road infrastructure we worked on maintenance of the Fatimatunnel's concrete construction. This tunnel runs underneath the ring road. In this project we thus combined two of our main expertises.

Noise reduction
Noise levels are an important point of attention for residents living close to the 'zuidelijke rondweg'. Applying new sound-reducing asphalt was part of the activities on the ring road.

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