Onderwijsgroep Noord outsources building maintenance

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Strukton Worksphere
Published on
17 May 2019

Onderwijsgroep Noord has awarded the integrated maintenance of its buildings to Strukton Worksphere on the basis of a multi-year maintenance plan.

On Thursday 16 May 2019, Ton Wennink, member of the Executive Board of Onderwijsgroep Noord, and Bert Haan, Director Strukton Worksphere North-East Region, signed a tender contract. This contract binds Onderwijsgroep Noord to Strukton Worksphere, which will provide the installation engineering and architectural maintenance of all Onderwijsgroep Noord buildings for a period of ten years, using an integrated approach based on a multi-year maintenance plan. The contract was signed in the building that houses the Support Services of the Onderwijsgroep Noord (OGN), one of the 29 buildings that Strukton Worksphere will be managing as far as maintenance is concerned.

Why tender these services?
Because the total maintenance costs for all OGN buildings exceed a certain limit, Onderwijsgroep Noord, as a government funded institution, is obliged to comply with the European procurement legislation. In addition to this statutory obligation, awarding these services to a single party provides benefits in terms of performing the building maintenance efficiently and systematically. ‘Operationally, it is important that the multi-year maintenance is carried out professionally and systematically. In addition, it is of course our aim that in the future our students will be able to complete their education in safe buildings with a pleasant interior climate,’ says Ton Wennink.

Why Strukton Worksphere?
The tendering process was completed in 2018 and the contract was awarded to Strukton Worksphere on the basis of quality and price. In addition, the decision to award the contract to Strukton Worksphere was also based on their implementation process, which assigns priority to due care and communication with involved parties.

Wennink: ‘Of course, we have many schools where caretakers or facilities management employees are responsible for the daily course of affairs relating to maintenance in and around the building. They know the buildings inside out. Effective communications with this group of people therefore is a priority for us. Strukton Worksphere is sensitive to this and has a great deal of experience in this area. In part for these reasons, we decided in favour of Strukton Worksphere.’

Bert Haan says he is very happy that Strukton Worksphere is allowed to deploy its expertise for this long-term partnership with Onderwijsgroep Noord from its branch in the Province of Groningen. ‘The performance-oriented character of this contract is a good fit for us and forces us to continually implement optimisations that enable us to achieve the objectives and sustainability ambitions of the educational institutions, as well as Strukton Worksphere. This way the knife cuts both ways,’ says the Director Strukton Worksphere North-East Region.

Ton Wennink is confident in the partnership: ‘We believe we have found a good partner in Strukton Worksphere to which we can entrust the maintenance of all of our buildings and installations over the coming years.’

Contractondertekening Onderwijsgroep Noord
v.l.n.r.: Bert Haan (Strukton Worksphere) en Ton Wennink (Onderwijsgroep Noord) bevestigen met een ferme handdruk de samenwerking

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