Strukton opens second plant in Doha, Qatar

Written by
Strukton Civiel
Published on
14 February 2018

Because of the investment programme in road infrastructure for the upcoming Wold Cup 2022, the demand for sustainable asphalt is rising in Qatar. This development brings opportunities for Ooms PMB, which therefore has recently opened its second plant in Doha, next to the existing plant in Al Rayyan. The location of the new plant is the New Industrial Area in the Southeast of the capital Doha. With this second plant, Ooms PMB increases its production capacity to 350 ton per day and improves its geographical presence in Qatar.

During last year, Strukton C&T / Ooms PMB already executed a number of projects in the region, for example Orbital Highway, Manateq, Lusail Road, reaching a peak output in November 2017 of 3,800 ton.

In every assignment, our goal is to create a safe, high-quality and sustainable infrastructure everyone can benefit from. Ooms PMB, which is part of Strukton International, offers a complete range of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) which strengthens the asphalt to such an extent that service life nearly doubles, even with heavy use. Increasing traffic volume, axle loads and varying climate conditions have led to the development of improved construction materials and techniques in all areas of road and airport pavement construction, repair and maintenance.

Ooms PMB is committed to improve the sustainability and quality of asphalt, aiming to improve the quality of infrastructure systems (roads and airports) to increase the accessibility of countries, regions and cities. Ooms PMB wants to add value to the operations of its clients and partners through its expert knowledge, the delivery of high-quality and sustainable products and an innovative approach.

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