SolaRoad illuminated roundabout in France

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Strukton Civiel
Published on
29 September 2017

SolaRoad, the road which converts sunlight into electricity, is now also being applied in France. The concept that generates real sustainable energy is the focus of more and more attention from Europe, the United States and the Middle East. In Etampes in France, 50 kilometres south of Paris, a cycle path has been constructed incorporating the innovative SolaRoad Kit. Two SolaRoad Kit elements supply energy here to the lighting of a roundabout.

SolaRoad is a ground-breaking innovation in the field of energy generation. In Krommenie in the province of Noord-Holland, the first SolaRoad cycle path was laid in 2014 in the form of a 90-metre test section. The results of the pilot were positive, making it possible to apply SolaRoad on a larger scale and over the border. SolaRoad fits into the sustainability targets which many government authorities and companies are aiming to achieve, in the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement.

French road builder Charier
In France too, sustainability targets in the organisation of public space are becoming increasingly important in awarding contracts. French road builder Charier has responded to this by applying the SolaRoad Kit in various locations in France: in Etampes near Paris and in La Clarté near Nantes. On 22 September, the company celebrated its 120th anniversary and took advantage of the occasion to introduce customers and guests to this innovative concept.

From Groningen to California
The project in France is not alone. In the province of Groningen, a bench was recently installed where you can take a break whilst charging your electric bike or phone with sustainable power from a SolaRoad Kit. The US state of California wants to apply SolaRoad in remote places which are difficult to supply with power.

About the SolaRoad Kit
The SolaRoad Kit was developed to make the concept suitable for smaller surfaces too. The kit consists of four concrete elements containing solar panels measuring around 2.8 x 3.5 metres. The SolaRoad Kit generates around 3,500 kWh a year, which is enough power for an average household for one year. The kit can generate energy for road lighting, shop window lighting, heating, a Wi-Fi point or a charging point for electric bikes or mobile phones. The kit also meets the need for the local generation and application of energy in remote areas.

SolaRoad is a development of the province of Noord-Holland, TNO, Strukton Civiel and Dynniq.

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