1st NEN-ISO 55001 for PPP real estate

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Strukton Worksphere
Published on
11 May 2016

The first NEN-ISO 55001 certificate for a PPP property has been issued to Komfort EBV, the operating company for the Kromhout Kazerne in Utrecht.

The first NEN-ISO 55001 certificate for a PPP property has been issued to Komfort EBV, the operating company for the Kromhout Kazerne in Utrecht. The project-based approach, supervision and training by Strukton Worksphere Assetmanagement resulted in this certificate being obtained within one year. A quality incentive, for both the asset management and for the Komfort team, resulting in a comfortable residential environment and satisfied users.

Asset management at Komfort includes all the buildings and installations, the site and the facilities which Strukton Worksphere will manage and maintain over the course of 25 years to fulfil the output specifications of Defence. Certification of the asset management system provides a quality incentive for the asset management.

Highest standard
Based on internationally established criteria, the certificate confirms that the methods and resources used by Strukton Worksphere for the maintenance fulfil the highest standard of asset management, as established in the NEN-ISO 55000 series of standards.

The project-based approach taken by the Asset Management department at Strukton Worksphere was both efficient and effective. A quick scan tested whether all the standards had been met with the existing organisational structure, working methods, resources and methods. In addition, the existing quality manual was amended in the field of asset management and the entire Komfort team was trained in the new asset management system. Moreover, Strukton Worksphere's Asset Management department prepared and guided the KIWA audit days, so that the entire process from start to certification was completed within one year.

NEN-ISO 55001
Strukton Worksphere, market leader in the field of PPPs for buildings, uses resources and methods to ensure optimal asset management and thus works on the best quality in management and maintenance and a comfortable building for its clients. Strukton Worksphere congratulates Komfort EBV which received the first NEN-ISO 55001 certificate for real estate PPP.
Olwin Verhappen (operational manager Komfort EBV), Peter Heevel (asset management Strukton Worksphere), Evert Lemmen (CEO Strukton Worksphere)

About the Kromhout Kazerne
The Kromhout Kazerne is the headquarters of the Royal Netherlands Army, the Shared Service Centre (CDC) and parts of the Defence Material Organisation. Strukton Worksphere is a partner in the Komfort consortium which is responsible for the redevelopment, including renovation, and which has been operating it since 2012. This DBFMO contract runs for 25 years.

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