Meaningful to people, planet and profit

'Thinking in terms of useful service life' is at the core of our CSR policy. We focus on sustainable use, reducing CO2 emissions and innovations.


The well-being of our employees and the employees of our subcontractors and suppliers is a priority for us. They must be able to do their work safely and in a healthy environment. They must be able to develop themselves. In addition, we provide due consideration to the local environment in which we do our work. What is the impact on a local resident when we need to close off a road, while he had planned a move on that day? What can we do to as much as possible limit any noise disturbance? All questions to which we like to find answers. 

What do we do to be more meaningful to people?

  • With our safety programme 24/7, 24Safe, we ensure that everyone who works for and with us comes home again safe and sound.
  • We keep employees healthy and vital through information, training and vitality programmes.
  • We provide company-wide training programmes in which colleagues transfer their practical experience.
  • We apply the Honest Business Practice Code of Conduct, under the header Strukton All Right. 


Reducing CO2 emissions is the most concrete aspect of what we do concerning our planet. In the Netherlands we set an annual target with the objective of achieving a 15 percent reduction by 2020 in comparison to 2010. Since 2010, we have been at the highest level of the CO2 performance ladder, a tool that helps organisations to structurally reduce CO2 emissions.

Our vehicle fleet accounts for 40 percent of our CO2 footprint. We are attempting to lower this by using electric cars, scooters and bicycles. In addition, as a member of the Coalitie Anders Reizen [Alternative Travel Coalition], we aim to reduce flights and to encourage people to take the train for trips of less than 500 kilometres. Where possible, Strukton opts for electric. 

Aside from reducing CO2 emissions, we also focus on sustainable procurement. In procuring our products and services, the lowest possible emissions and waste production are part of our standard selection criteria.


Sustainability demands the necessary investment in innovations. In this respect we aim for a proper earnings model, so that clients too can recover their investments in sustainable solutions and projects. An effective earnings model increases the probability that the innovation is sustainable.

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